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Professional Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is one of the main service. We do professional quality control inspection and issue a report to our customers which showing very detail information for the quality inspection result.

Quality inspection is very important for customers who import from China especially for those customers who importing goods from China first time.  You dealing with manufacturer or trading company with discussing all on paper, how you know what exactly their quality is?  Maybe you ordering sample before place a big order, maybe you come down to China to do inspection yourself, maybe you let your supplier provide pictures before send shippment out, maybe you should have a company reliable, professional and who can do very professional quality inspection and delivery you a report with all those important quality inspection points you concerned.We offer verification and quality control solutions to suit your needs. Our range of Quality Control inspectors are in all the major provinces in China. They can be on any factory floor within 24 hours. This way, if there are any problems we can find out and fix them before your goods are are our service:

Product Inspection

--Initial Production Inspection

--Pre-Shipment Inspection

--During Production Inspection

--Monitoring Production Process



--Factory Audit

 This service can uncover problems before production and you could have an exact understanding of your

suppliers production capacity ,quality system procedures and operating procedures . This very high-level 

quality control enables you to efficiently select and maintain a high-qualified supplier with confidence .



3.Full Inspection

The full inspection (100% inspection service) is conducted  when 100% of product was finished and checked

by factories QC, we will check all product piece by piece according to product specifications, customers' 

instruction to ensure the product is meet customer's requirement.

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